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Restore a Full Arch of Missing Teeth with the All-on-4® Implant Method

Dr. Wade Peers performs the All-on-4® dental implant technique with particular specialization at his Park City, UT, office. The All-on-4® technique uses four implants to support an entire arch of teeth without the need for preparatory procedures such as bone grafting or sinus lifts, which can add several months and result in your entire treatment plan taking up to a year to complete. With the All-on-4® method, Dr. Peers can place implants immediately following an extraction, and you will leave our office with replacement teeth the same day. Dr. Peers has successfully treated hundreds of patients using this technique.

All-on-4® Dental Implant Basics

If you are seeking a full-arch dental restoration, but also desire a convenient, same-day option, the All-on-4® technique may be right for your smile. Because the procedure requires only four implants to support an arch, you can look forward to a much more streamlined dental implant process. The implants are placed on angles to utilize the maximum amount of healthy, dense jawbone material, as well as to avoid the need for costly and lengthy preparatory procedures. Further, a full bridge can be placed immediately after implant placement, which means that you will not leave our office with an empty mouth. This first bridge is a temporary one. You will receive the final version when healing is complete in about four to six months.

Most patients experience a vastly improved quality of life once their All-on-4® implants treatment is complete. You can begin to once again eat your favorite foods with ease, speak with renewed clarity, and smile with revitalized confidence. If you have been living with missing teeth for awhile, this treatment can be truly transformative. Dr. Peers can help you achieve restored form, function, and beauty for your smile in one day.

A model of a jaw with implants alongside a denture

The All-on-4® dental implant technique uses four implant posts to secure each full arch of teeth. The posterior implants are inserted at an angle to minimize the impact on surrounding tissue and avoid the need for bone grafting.

The Placement Procedure

Once your candidacy has been determined and confirmed by Dr. Peers, he can place your implants during an in-office surgical procedure. Both your dentist and the lab technicians who create the restoration will be in the office that day, so the process will be as fast and convenient as possible. The placement process is very similar to the placement of traditional dental implants and zygomatic implants. Upon your arrival to our dental office, you will be warmly greeted and asked to fill out paperwork. You will then be escorted to a comfortable operatory and seated in a plush dental chair. Dr. Peers will greet you and walk you through your procedure step-by-step. You will receive sedation and local anesthetic to ensure your comfort and relaxation. 

Unlike traditional implants and bone grafting, which could take up to a year to complete, the All-on-4® technique offers a convenient, same-day treatment option.

After you are comfortably sedated, Dr. Peers will create openings in your gum to place the implants. The two posterior implants will be placed at a predetermined angle to ensure the strongest hold, and the two anterior implants are placed vertically just as traditional implants would be. The strategic angle of the implants leaves surrounding tissue unaffected, avoids the need for grafting, and can support a full bridge immediately so you can leave our office with a new and improved smile.

All-on-4® Benefits

The benefits of All-on-4® treatment method extend to all aspects of your daily life:

  • You can enjoy your favorite foods without your restoration slipping or shifting
  • The implants will help your jawbone remain strong and supportive
  • Speaking will be easier, and you will be able to enunciate your words more clearly
  • Cleaning and maintenance is easy and efficient
  • Quality of life is usually significantly enhanced
  • When compared to traditional full arch replacements, the All-on-4® technique can be more cost-effective

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Living with missing teeth can have a negative impact on your day-to-day life, as well as lead to additional missing teeth. Dr. Peers wants to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health, and the All-on-4® dental implant technique can allow you to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Contact our office today to learn more, or to schedule a consultation.

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We have had the pleasure over the past 14 years to work closely with Dr. Peers, and he has always taken superb care of our patients. A great oral surgeon that our area is most fortunate to have! Dr. Michael Knight

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More Info Directions (435) 615-9840