Dr. Lifferth is an oral surgery specialist in Park City, UT, with extensive training in wisdom tooth extractions, oral pathology biopsies, bone grafting (including sinus lifts), and dental implants. Oral surgery is often a necessary means of addressing oral cancer and missing or severely compromised teeth. Dr. Lifferth will work closely with you to determine an individualized treatment plan.

When permanent teeth are lost, the jawbone in the area will reabsorb over time. This often results in bone that is too low in quality or quantity for dental implants. Bone grafting adds bone where needed to improve dental implant candidacy.

Oral Surgery Procedures

Dr. Lifferth performs a variety of procedures to meet a range of oral health needs.

  • Dental implants are prosthetic tooth roots. They are usually made of titanium. Implants provide the best support for crowns, partial bridges, and full bridges, while also halting the bone atrophy that eventually occurs following the loss of a tooth. Dr. Lifferth offers the All­-on­-4® dental implant technique, in which four implants are placed and immediately restored with a bridge. He also offers zygomatic implants for patients who wish to forego preparatory procedures. The entire process can be completed in one appointment for a fully restored smile.
  • Wisdom tooth extraction is often performed when the third molars, known as wisdom teeth, improperly erupt through the gum line, or do not erupt at all.
  • Pre­-prosthetic surgery can improve a patient’s prognosis for a crown or bridge. Pre-­prosthetic surgery can include bone smoothing, reshaping, or removal in preparation for the fitting of an oral prosthetic device. Dr. Lifferth may also need to remove excess gum tissue and expose or extract impacted teeth as part of this process.
  • Bone grafting adds bone tissue to the jawbone in order to facilitate the dental implant placement process.
  • Sinus lifts are a type of bone graft performed in the upper molar region in preparation for a dental implant. As a result, the sinus is raised to safely accommodate the implant. Dr. Lifferth can perform a sinus lift and place dental implants in the same visit.
  • Impacted canines often occur in cases where there is not enough room to accommodate the maxillary canine teeth, which are the last of the front teeth to erupt, usually around the early teenage years. Dr. Lifferth can treat this condition by exposing the impacted tooth, and bracketing the surrounding teeth to provide room for it to move into proper position.
  • Avulsed (or knocked out) teeth are regarded as a dental emergency in many cases, and prompt attention is crucial. Professional care within an hour of injury can vastly improve prognosis.
  • Jaw surgery can be used to treat issues of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), chronic TMJ pain, open bites, or protruding jaws. Patients who have difficulty breathing, chewing, swallowing, or speaking may also be candidates for jaw surgery. Facial trauma can be treated by Dr. Lifferth at the Park City Medical Center. He can treat facial lacerations, intra­oral lacerations, fractures in facial bones or the jaw, and many other soft tissue injuries. For some patients, Dr. Lifferth can also perform a genioplasty to improve the definition of the jaw for a more balanced appearance.
  • Zygomatic implants are large titanium posts that help support the cheekbones, preventing bone loss and maintaining facial structure.
  • Diseases and deformities such as cysts, tumors, and defects can have severe repercussions without proper treatment. Dr. Lifferth is an oral pathologist who can diagnose and treat these conditions.

Sedation Options

In order to ensure your oral surgery is performed safely and comfortably, we offer two means of sedation.

  • Inhaled sedation: Nitrous oxide is inhaled through a special mask. The effects subside quickly once the mask is removed, so patients can drive themselves home after treatment.
  • Intravenous (IV) sedation: A sedative is delivered straight to the bloodstream. This option allows the greatest control over the level of sedation the patient reaches during treatment. As with oral conscious sedation, IV sedation requires a designated driver.

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