Oral Pathology Can Help Protect Your Health

Oral pathology services at our Park City, UT, practice can benefit not only your smile, but also your overall health. Dr. Lifferth and his staff provide oral cancer screenings, biopsies, salivary stone removal, and the excision of lesions, tumors, and cysts. When necessary, he can coordinate with your other healthcare providers to determine the best solution for your needs.

Dr. Lifferth can use light-based enhanced imaging to detect abnormalities that could indicate the presence of oral cancer. The suspicious area would then be biopsied to obtain a diagnosis.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Dr. Lifferth can perform an examination in order to determine if there are cancerous or precancerous conditions in your mouth. When oral cancer is identified in the early stages, there is a greater chance of successful treatment.

Serious oral health complications do not always present obvious symptoms, so the proper screenings are incredibly important.

Patients at elevated risk of developing oral cancer are those who use tobacco products, drink alcohol regularly, experience significant sun exposure, or who have had a previous cancer diagnosis. However, oral cancer can develop even when elevated risk factors are not present, which is why it is important for adults to undergo regular oral cancer screenings, usually during every six­-month checkup.

Oral Biopsies

When an oral cancer screening reveals an unusual sore or lesion, Dr. Lifferth can order additional tests. The cancer screening itself cannot detect which sores are cancerous, but a follow-­up biopsy by Dr. Lifferth can test them for cancer.

Tissue can be collected using several methods, such as an incision and removal of tissue, or by using a fine needle or syringe to gently extract the material to be tested. Dr. Lifferth will take care to ensure you are comfortable and safe during the entire process.

Some of our biopsies are designed to treat infections, not cancer. In these cases, our syringe technique can extract fluid from a cyst so that it can be examined for disease. If cancerous or infectious conditions are suspected, Dr. Lifferth can properly diagnose both.

Salivary Stone Removal

A salivary gland stone is a dense, calcified deposit that can cause halitosis and dry mouth by blocking the flow of saliva. It can also cause serious issues such as dehydration, poor digestion, and the need for medications such as antihistamines.

While it is possible to dislodge a small stone with simple solutions such as sucking on sour candy, larger stones usually require removal. In some cases, Dr. Lifferth can gently push a stone out of the gland without the need for incisions. When surgery is necessary, it requires only a small incision. During a consultation, Dr. Lifferth can recommend the best course of treatment.

Excision of Lesions, Tumors, and Cysts

Dr. Lifferth can remove any cancerous or infectious lesions, tumors, and cysts. Removal doesn’t necessarily eliminate the cancer, but it can greatly improve the prognosis of treatment. It can also relieve pain and discomfort. The procedure can be performed with sedation as well as anesthesia in order to provide you with a comfortable surgery and put you at ease. While a cancer diagnosis can be incredibly stressful, you can take comfort in trusting your care to an experienced surgeon like Dr. Lifferth.

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Serious oral health complications do not always present obvious symptoms, so the proper screenings are incredibly important. If you do not currently undergo regular oral health screenings, or feel you need a screening immediately, contact us today.